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Research Data Management

Understand what RDM is, why it's important to your research process, and how RRU Library can support you.


What to do:

  • Make a decision about the amount of the preserved data should be available for research and reuse.

Why do it:

  • Because open data is more likely to get re-used, which builds your reputation.
  • Because copyright rests with you, the researcher, so you need mechanisms to regulate the re-use of your data.

How to do it:

  • Account for legal, funding and institutional restrictions or requirements that might influence data re-use
  • Consider necessary restrictions to re-use e.g. licensing or privacy issues. Do you need a Data Use Agreement (DUA)

Things to consider: 

  • How will you manage restrictions e.g. license, privacy issues etc. associated with your data before sharing -- consider creating Data Use Agreements (DUA)

RDM step by step

Think of Research Data Management as the organization and maintenance of your research data through the life of a research project. Explore the links below to get a more detailed introduction.