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Research data management

Understand what RDM is, why it's important to your research process, and how RRU Library can support you.

Research Data Management throughout the research project

The bulleted list and graphic below illustrate how data management should part of every step in your research projects

  • Plan - Plan your research project and determine how you will collect and curate your data
  • Create - Conduct your research and gather your data while keeping notes about your decisions
  • Process - Clean and validate your data, again while keeping notes about your decisions
  • Analyze - Analyze your data and draw your conclusions. Keep notes about your methods and your decisions
  • Disseminate - Share your findings
  • Preserve - Store your data in a trusted repository
  • Re-use - Others may re-use your data for their own own analysis

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Data Management Terms

Confused by some of the language around research data? You are not alone. This glossary will shed some light on the terminology around research data management.