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Research data management

Understand what RDM is, why it's important to your research process, and how RRU Library can support you.

How the RRU Library can help

RRU researchers (faculty, students, or staff) interested in publishing their data and/or their supporting documentation are encouraged to contact the Library for support. Examples of support we offer are

  • grant proposal wording related to data management
  • writing Data Management Plans
  • choosing a data repository
  • considerations around sharing your data 

Data management planning tools

Data management templates for helping you plan your data collection, curation, and storage.

  • The DMP Assistant from Canada's Portage network. This tool steps you through the planning process for managing your data.

Sample DMPs

Tools and resources

Training tools

Data management principles

  • FAIR - Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Re-usable
  • OCAP - First Nations principles of Ownership, Control, Access, Possession
  • CARE - Indigenous data governance principles of collective benefit, Authority to control, Responsibility, and Ethics

Data repositories 

RRU has a purpose-built repository for storing RRU researchers' data and metadata. Contact Contact RRU Library for details.

Directories of other data repositories can be found at:

Data Management Terms

Confused by some of the language around research data? You are not alone. This glossary will shed some light on the terminology around research data management.