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Research data management

Understand what RDM is, why it's important to your research process, and how RRU Library can support you.


Because datasets can be queried in myriad ways, it is important to detail what decisions you make in your analysis and why you have made them.

What to do:

  • While investigating your data and drawing your conclusions keep notes about what software you are using and why you are approaching the analysis the way you are. For example, what variables are you collapsing and how are you determining your weights?

Why do it:

  • Because data without descriptions of the collection and analysis process are of little use. There can be no informed replication or reproduction without documentation of your decisions.

How to do it:

  • Document your process
  • Document known data issues
  • Document file versions to track transformations

Things to consider:

  • Who will have access to this data for analysis and what will they need to know?

RDM step by step

Think of Research Data Management as the organization and maintenance of your research data through the life of a research project. Explore the links below to get a more detailed introduction.