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Market and industry research

This extensive guide covers numerous aspects of business research, including tools and strategies for researching industries, consumers, and companies.

Power search of Google for stats

Here is an idea for using the Advanced search in Google to find stats about a specific country:

1 – find the URL extension for the country’s government. For example, the extension for Japanese government websites is:
2 – do an Advanced Google search for sites with that extension. For example this search:


will end up looking like this in your search window: - consumer spending - and will bring up pages on Japanese government websites that have the phrase 'consumer spending'.

While a minority of foreign language websites have English versions, business topics from government sites are more likely than most to be translated.

Searching journals and magazines

You will need to rely on business journals and magazines for insight into psychographic information about a country's population.  This will be difficult to find, you will need to be creative, and you may not find what you need. But using the tools we have listed on this page, here are a few simple examples of the kinds of searches you might try:

  • psychographic AND india
  • "consumer spending" AND japan
  • "consumer behavior" AND japan