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Market and industry research

This extensive guide covers numerous aspects of business research, including tools and strategies for researching industries, consumers, and companies.

Information from Statistics Canada

Who are your customers?  What is their income? Where do they live?

 Information from Statistics Canada can help.

About Canadians

The 2021 Census has just been released; it is your best choice for learning about the demographics of Canada.

Want to dig into the Census, but not sure where to begin? Check out this 2021 Census Postsecondary Research Toolkit from Statistics Canada. It's designed to help you understand and use data from the census in your research.


Geosearch is the Statistics Canada tool for locating an area on a map and learning about the demographics for that area. This can be useful in helping you select the most appropriate level of geography for your analysis.

More about Canadians and Canada

The 'Data' tab of the Statistics Canada website is a good place to find socioeconomic statistics about Canadians. If you would like demographic statistics about Canadians, you will probably be better off using the 2021 Census

From the Data tab, you can use the keyword search or the filters down the left-hand side to find tables relevant to your specific interests. Many of the tables are customizable by either adjusting the menus at the top of the page or clicking on the 'Add/Remove Data' button. (Different tables allow for customization in different ways.)

It can also be worth checking out the Data visualizations tab, in addition to the basic tables. Some of them are quite cool and allow for a lot of manipulation to highlight different elements. If you're interested in household income, for example, you could try the Income Explorer visualization from the 2021 census. 

The Daily is Statistics Canada's release bulletin. It allows keyword searching so you can search recent (and not so recent) data announcements. Your results will include articles, statistical tables and reports.


For links to other statistics or data resources, see our Statistics and Data guide.

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