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Market and industry research

This extensive guide covers numerous aspects of business research, including tools and strategies for researching industries, consumers, and companies.

Compare company financials and ratios - Mergent

Mergent Online

In Mergent Online, you can find financials and ratios for publicly traded companies and you can create comparison reports of financials and ratios for competing companies.

To find financials and ratios on a single company, enter the company's name on the left of Mergent's home screen:



Creating custom comparison reports of competing companies requires more steps. For guidance on that:

  • We have another guide specifically about using Mergent
  • And we have the video listed below

If you have any questions, follow up with a Royal Roads Librarian


Investext is a database of company investment reports produced by investment banks, brokerage houses, research firms and others. The reports cover areas such as company performance and trends, board changes, mergers and acquisitions, and company valuation.

Investext is available through the Mergent platform, on the far right of the screen.

Investext1 - accessing it


You build up your searches step by step in Investext. You will probably want to begin by selecting a company and then add filters such as country, industry, report type or many others. Because each new element added to your search makes your results more specific, you will probably need to delete recent elements - backtrack - and try a different path if you are not finding what you need.

Usually you start by selecting your company:

Then filter by another category, making sure to take advantage of the look up features. There are a few categories where the lookup feature is useful. This is just one example:

If you cannot find anything this way, you can try keyword searching all the reports about your chosen company.

keyword searching Investext reports

To look through your search results, click on 'View' on the right side of your results.

If your search is not providing good results, try deleting the most recent elements of the search and testing something else.

deleting element of Investext search

Private companies

It can be challenging to find information about Canadian private companies as they are not required to make financial data publically available. 

Here are some tools you can use to piece together a profile of a private company.

1. The company's website

  • Look for links to newsletters, news releases, a blog, twitter feed or any other communication outlet that provides information about the company.
    What is the product or service?  What technology does the company use? Are there any issues (political or economic) facing the company?

2. Industry Canada

We have an industry research guide for additional suggestions.

3. Find articles specifically in journals, trade publications, or newspapers

Please see the following section of this for tips on finding articles.

4. Search Nexis Uni

Nexis Uni is has the biggest collection of newspaper articles in our collection. It also has trade and industry magazines. You can get to Nexis UNI from the 'Access the A-Z database list' link on our webpage.

Enter your search:

and use the options on the left to choose what kind of material you want.

NexisUni - business profiles and analysis

NexisUni has company profiles and related information such as SEC filings.

To search nexisUni, you can either click on the ‘Company Info’ button and enter the name of the company (search box for that not shown here): 

Or you can click on ‘All Nexis Uni’ in top left corner and then check off ‘Company and Financial’ before entering the company name.


The first search is focused on company profiles while the second is bigger, building on the first by giving you information as detailed as SEC filings.