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VIURRSpace guidelines

This guide provides guidelines for depositing research in RRU's institutional repository.

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About VIURRSpace

The Libraries of Royal Roads University (RRU) and Vancouver Island University (VIU) collaboratively offer VIURRSpace (DSpace), an open access institutional repository to:

  • mobilize institutional research by making it openly and widely available;
  • preserve and showcase scholarly and creative works of the universities; and
  • capture items of lasting value appropriate for permanent retention.

The DSpace software is widely used by post-secondary institutions around the world to create worldwide exposure for university research. 

VIURRSpace supports institutional research dissemination by:

  • Increasing visibility: Work is discoverable in multiple locations and indexed in major search engines. 
  • Providing open access to research: Work is openly available to readers who may not have access to journal subscriptions. Submitting work to VIURRSpace also fulfils funding agency (e.g. Tri-Agency) requirements to make the output resulting from research openly accessible.
  • Preserving research: Work is issued a stable and permanent URL, and when available, the DOI is added to direct readers to the final published version. The link to the work can be shared with potential research collaborators or employers, students looking for a thesis or dissertation supervisor, colleagues, and the public.