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Simply Analytics

Practical guidance on using Simply Analytics, an online resource for creating maps and tables based on statistical data.

Getting started with Simply Analytics

Simply Analytics is a tool for creating thematic Canadian maps displaying demographic information, consumer spending, psychographic information, business locations and more.  You can also produce spreadsheets listing the statistics that underlie the maps. (Please note that access is limited to 10 concurrent users.)

The first tutorial for Simply Analytics orients you to the tool and demonstrates how to generate a map displaying your chosen variable. (5:36)

The second tutorial demonstrates how to generate a table displaying your chosen variable (age, income...) for your chosen locations. (3:14)

This third tutorial demonstrates how to apply filters to your map or table screening out locations that do not meet specific criteria. It also demonstrates how to overlay businesses according to their NAIC classification number. (4:34)

The fourth tutorial demonstrates how to generate spreadsheets listing the number and distribution of specific market segments within Canada. The market segments available in Simply Analytics were developed by Environics. To understand what these segments include, enter a postal code in this tool on their website.