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Simply Analytics

Practical guidance on using Simply Analytics, an online resource for creating maps and tables based on statistical data.

Market segment data using PRIZM

SimplyAnalytics integrates with PRIZM consumer market segmentation data. You can use PRIZM's neighborhood segments to investigate populations, their beliefs, and their ways of life, by creating a map that shows you what rough percentage of a given geographic area code contains any of PRIZM's 67 neighborhood segments. 

Start by beginning a new project and selecting seed variables. I would suggest selecting only "# Basics | total Populations (Current Year)". 


You'll see a map appear. Now, click on "Data Folder" in the top left corner under the Data Search Bar. 

In the data folder, select "PRIZM" .

In this data folder, select "Segments".

Select "Households" underneath "Segments". to the right, the 67 PRIZM segments will appear. Note that there are two variables present for each segment- one is the number of households fitting that neighborhood segment and the other is the percentage of households in it. 

From here, you can select any segment you wish to view. Close the folder and you'll be able to see the rough percentage of households in each census tract that fit that segment.

Here is an example with the data variable "% of Households in Segment 52: Friends and Roomies".