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Simply Analytics

Practical guidance on using Simply Analytics, an online resource for creating maps and tables based on statistical data.

Getting started with Simply Analytics

SimplyAnalytics is a powerful data visualization and mapping tool. It will allow you to create maps and reports to display demographic, business, and marketing data. You will find it useful for: 

  • analyzing census data at different geographic levels
  • creating maps and tables that display the demographics and associated characteristics of people or businesses in an area
  • identifying potential business locations and locating competitors in a local market
  • identifying how many business are in a given area
  • segmenting your target markets according to the customers you're trying to target

The geographic location breakdowns available in SimplyAnalytics include provinces/territories, census metropolitan areas (CMAs), census divisions, census subdivisions, census tracts (CTs), dissemination areas (DAs), and forward sortation areas. 

  a textual report produced in SimplyMap

All RRU Library databases can be accessed from the 'Access the A-Z database list' link below the main search box on the Library homepage. For SimplyAnalytics, choose the letter "S" and then link to the database. 

Please note, access to SimplyAnalytics is limited to 10 concurrent users.