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Simply Analytics

Practical guidance on using Simply Analytics, an online resource for creating maps and tables based on statistical data.

Types of tables

Simply Analytics is also a powerful tool for generating customized tabular output in one of four different tables:

  1. Comparison Table allows you to compare data for all geographic divisions within a boundary
  2. Ranking Table is for displaying multiple characteristics in one or more locations
  3. Ring Study Table allows you to analyze statistics within 1, 3, and 5 kilometers of a location
  4. Related Data Table allow you to see all the options for a specific variable

Two of the table types are available from the left side of your map. The others are available from the 'New View' button at the top of that menu.

selecting table in Simply Analytics

Remember that if your table lacks detail you can customize it with the dropdown menus along the top

Simply Analytics - expanindg a table



Exporting tables

The data from Simply Analytics tables can be exported to spreadsheets or databases.

Click on the Export button on the top right corner of the page, select your file type and select Export. Choose a file format from the menu and click 'Export'.