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Four Feathers Writing Guide

Learn more about traditional Coast Salish teachings and approaches to learning that can support your development as an academic writer.

Four Feathers Writing Guide

The Four Feathers Writing Guide respectfully presents traditional Coast Salish1 teachings and approaches to learning to support Indigenous2 students develop as academic writers. While Coast Salish teachings may not be transferrable across all Indigenous communities, we hope those presented in this guide will create a pathway to academic writing. The teachings and approaches to learning in this guide are shared with permission. The ownership of the Traditional Knowledge remains in perpetuity with the appropriate Nation; accordingly, the information should not be re-used without explicit permission.

We hope the Four Feathers Writing Guide will help you to learn more about academic writing. If you are a Royal Roads University student and you have questions or you would like help with your writing, please feel warmly invited to contact the Writing Centre

Two bald eagles sitting on top of a tree



Great Blue Heron catching a fish

Great horned owl on top of a stump Pacific loon in ocean

1 Coast Salish represents families that reside on the land of the east coast of Vancouver Island, portions of the lower mainland of British Columbia, and Washington State.

2 Indigenous terminology represents First Nations, Métis, and Inuit groups as indicated by the Canadian government and is used interchangeably throughout this guide.

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