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Four Feathers Writing Guide

Learn more about traditional Coast Salish teachings and approaches to learning that can support your development as an academic writer.

Farewell/HÍAȻE HÁLE (Goodbye all of you)

We hope that this guide has provided useful information to help you learn more about academic writing. If you are a Royal Roads University student and have any questions, please feel welcome to contact the Writing Centre. Please visit Writing Centre Services for information on how we can assist you, and see Contact the Writing Centre for contact information. 

Elder Shirley Alphonse (2018), who is a spiritual leader for the T’Sou-ke Nation, wrote this closing prayer especially for the Four Feathers Writing Guide:

Creator Great Spirit, thank you for the dawn of each new day and the blessings of Mother Earth, providing beauty and bounty. Thank you for each person connected here at Royal Roads University – students, staff, faculty, Elders, visitors, as well as the Ancestors of this land.

Creator Great Spirit, help us each day to walk a good way of kindness, caring, compassion, empathy, and understanding toward one another. May we leave gentle, caring footprints upon Mother Earth who has supported us from time immemorial to this day and into the future for generations to come. Huy ch q'u! HÍŚKWE!14

14 The teachings and approaches to learning in this guide are shared with permission. The ownership of the Traditional Knowledge remains in perpetuity with the appropriate Nation; accordingly, the information should not be re-used without explicit permission.