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Course Clearances For Instructors

Navigate copyright requirements related to the use of resources in online and campus classrooms

Royal Roads Video Databases

Royal Roads Video Databases:

The following databases provide staff and students with access to 1000s of documentaries, films, and videos 

Audio Cine Films 

Alternative Name(s) & Keywords: ACF Films

Audio Cine Films collection offers access to 1000's of titles from the world's most renowned film studios and producers.

Criterion On-Demand

More than 1500 English titles and 1100 French titles, approximately 135 foreign language films with English subtitles, 100+ documentary features, closed captioned titles when available, both streaming and download options (downloaded films expire after 48 hrs).


Streaming access to educational content from CBC and Radio-Canada. Includes television and radio documentaries, news reports and archival material. Content is in English and French and covers a wide variety of disciplines including the Arts, Health and Science, Social Science, Education, History and Business. New content is added weekly.

Films on Demand 

Streaming videos for business and economics topics including: business education; business technology; economics; ethics & business law; finance; accounting & taxation; management; and marketing.

National Film Board of Canada CAMPUS

Alternative Name(s) & Keywords: NFB CAMPUS

CAMPUS is your online media portal for 21st-century learning, designed to help you see, understand, and experience the world differently

Sage Videos 

SAGE Video showcases highly relevant educational video across key social science disciplines

Using Audio-visual Materials in the Classroom

The Copyright Act permits an educational institution or a person acting under its authority to perform an audiovisual work on the premises of the University for educational or training purposes for an audience consisting primarily of students. The audiovisual work must not be an infringing copy. Please contact the Copyright Office if you have any questions regarding streaming AV materials in the classroom.

Netflix Educational Screenings


Netflix permits one-time educational screenings for approved documentaries. Follow this link to find out which titles are available, and the terms under which they can be screened:


Screening Films for Events

When a movie, television program, or other audiovisual work is shown for educational purposes, it is possible to perform the work without permission using exceptions in the Copyright Act (provided that specific statutory requirements in the Copyright Act are met).

If your screening does not meet these statutory requirements, a license will be required. This includes screenings for which no admission is charged.

Please contact the Copyright Office if you are planning an event that includes  the screening of a film.