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Sources for your courses

Technical tips and practical advice for finding and using library-licensed resources in your instruction.

Our ebooks and ebook providers

RRU Library offers access to ebooks from more than a dozen different vendors, listed below.

Searching for ebooks

You can search any of the ebook collections individually or you can use Discovery (the main Library search engine) to search across all of our ebook collections at once. You'll find a quick link to search Discovery below the navigation menu on the left-hand side of this page.

Reading ebooks

You can read ebooks on your computer, mobile device, or tablet while connected to the internet.

Prefer to read offline, or in hard copy? There's usually an option for that:

  • Most ebook vendors will allow you to download chapters for printing or reading offline. 
  • A few vendors (such as Skillsoft) only allow you to print one page at a time. This is their way of encouraging you to read the content on your computer screen.
  • Ebook Central allows short-term downloads of entire ebooks. Learn more about that process.

Ebook collections