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Sources For Your Courses: Creating stable links for online resources

What is a stable link?

A stable link is also know as a persistent or dedicated link.  Within the RRU Library environment a stable link provides off-campus access to online resources located in licensed databases.

There are two parts to a stable link:

  1. the ezproxy prefix, and
  2. a link to the online resource.

e.g. Ezproxy prefix -

e.g. Link to a resource -

Combined, you end up with a link that can be accessed both on and off-campus.


More information on creating stable links can be found here.

What is a DOI?

A DOI or Digital Object Identifier is a numeric identification code that is assigned to digital content so it can be easily located online.

For more information see:

To create a stable DOI to a resource in one of the RRU databases just follow these steps:

  1. Find the article's DOI.  For example: 10.1108/13639510110390945
  2. Copy and paste this prefix before the DOI: