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Making marketing plans

Tools and advice for creating marketing plans, from gathering information to putting it all together.

Finding industry reports

Industry reports are a useful source for detailed information on products and services within a given industry. Often times these reports will have an entire sections devoted to:

  • market size
  • company shares
  • brand shares
  • distribution, supply chain, imports/exports
  • pricing
  • trends
  • industry performance
  • industry outlook
  • SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)

Because of the in-depth analysis industry reports provide, they can be prohibitively expensive.  If you try searching for industry reports using Google, you will find them, however you will also likely be asked to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars per report!  Instead, the following library databases will provide you with the same high quality industry reports.

(Want help navigating these databases? Find instructions in our Researching industries guide.)

Private companies

It can be challenging to find information about Canadian private companies as they are not required to make financial data publicly available. These are some tips and resources you can use to piece together a profile of a private company.

  1. The company's website: Look for links to newsletters, news releases, a blog, twitter feed or any other communication outlet that provides information about the company.
  2. Industry Canada: Industry Canada's website is a good general source of Canadian industry statistics, sector reports and financial performance
  3. Articles in journals or trade publications: Search either 'Business Source Complete' or 'ABI Inform Global' and filter your search results to trade journals.
  4. Newspaper articles: Use one of the Library's Newspaper databases to search for these.

Newspaper articles