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Knowledge mobilization: share your research

Sharing your research helps you increase your impact, make connections, and build a reputation in your area. Learn about techniques for disseminating your work.

Platforms for knowledge mobilization


  • A free online tool for uploading and sharing slide presentations. The number of downloads of your slides can be tracked and used as an alternative measure of research impact.


  • Provides free, unlimited public space to upload files in any format to be visualized in a browser. Share such research products as figures, datasets, posters and presentations.


  • Twitter can be used to share links and short messages with a large online community. Twitter is increasingly being used as a communication tool within research communities and as a tool to connect with potential collaborators at professional conferences and meetings.


  • Vimeo is a free online service for sharing and uploading video content.


  • A free, easy-to-use web-based software for the creation of websites and blogs.