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Knowledge mobilization: share your research

Sharing your research helps you increase your impact, make connections, and build a reputation in your area. Learn about techniques for disseminating your work.


This guide is intended for faculty and graduate students who want to increase the impact of their research. Learn more about why knowledge mobilization matters and discover strategies you can use to increase the reach and impact of your work.

Why share your research?

There are several reasons to disseminate your research as widely as possible:

  • increase your research impact
  • connect with researchers within the same research area(s)
  • find potential research collaborators
  • build a reputation in your area
  • inform the general public about your research
  • discover the latest in your industry or research area
  • receive feedback from others – may lead to new directions/ideas
  • showcase your research group, centre or institute

‘Be prepared to do outreach for anything that you want to draw attention to, rather than just uploading it and hoping it will get noticed. That way, you can be sure that your work doesn’t get lost amidst the “noise”.’ – Stacy Konkiel, ‘Altmetrics for the humanities: disciplines, output types, and discovery’, Altmetric Blog, 19 January 2016 

Increasing the visibility of your research