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The writing process

Learn more about aspects of the writing process to help you stay motivated and on track with your writing.

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Where does the writing process end?

Ultimately, deadlines will determine when you will conclude your writing process. Unfortunately, if you are not working with a deadline in mind from the beginning of the writing process, you may have to complete a writing project before you are ready to finish your work. For this reason, this section highlights the specific strategies you can try to become more efficient in completing writing projects on time. Although some of these strategies are not specific to time management, they are relevant at all stages of the writing process because of the deadlines involved in academic writing. For example, Speeding up the Writing Process provides tips to keep you on track to meet immediate deadlines. Finally, Completing Major Writing Projects applies similar strategies to the longer process of working towards a larger goal, such as a thesis, dissertation, or similar major writing project.