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Types of academic writing

Learn more about the different types of academic writing students often create during their programs at RRU, such as essays and literature reviews.

Writing and thinking checklist


  • Did you carefully read the question/assignment, taking note of keywords and specific requirements?


  • In the introductory section, did you clearly state what you plan to do in the paper/assignment (e.g., the thesis statement)?
  • Did you define your terms when necessary?
  • Did you include only relevant material in your discussion?
  • Are you accurate and factually correct in all your statements?
  • Did you present the information in a logical and effective order?
  • Is your message simple and clear?
  • Would an illustration, figure, or table be appropriate and add to the completeness and clarity of your work?
  • Do the paragraph divisions give coherence to the argument or line of thinking?
  • Is your work complete? Does your research evidence support your conclusions?
  • Would an educated yet uninformed person understand everything you wrote?
  • Did you take in to account any opposing arguments or evidence?
  • Are your references complete and accurate?
  • Is your tone and expression consistent throughout the work?
  • Do you have an appropriate title?
  • Do you have a consistent style for headings and sub-headings?


  • Did you proofread your work (spell-check and grammar-check)?

Final check:

  • Have you met the objectives of the assignment?
  • Do you have your name and course number on the assignment?

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