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Types of academic writing

Learn more about the different types of academic writing students often create during their programs at RRU, such as essays and literature reviews.

What is reflective writing?

Reflective writing is a useful tool to help you think about your learning, the process by which the learning occurs, or any other activity about which your instructor wants you to be aware of not only the end result of the learning, but how do you get to that place of accomplishment? Reflective writing may take place in a journal, a portfolio, or in some other format (such as an online text dropbox).

If you are new to reflective practice, and in particular, reflective writing, the direction to be self-reflective about your learning process might not only be confusing but also intimidating. Furthermore, the process of reflective writing might take you into previously unexplored territory, such as making you think about how you feel about your learning.