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Tourism & hospitality management

Selected resources in the RRU library for the study of tourism and hospitality management, including industry research.

Why do I need an article?

Scholarly articles can be useful if you are looking for research that has been done on a topic and trade journals can be useful describing trends and forecasts.

How do I find them?

The Discovery search tool  is a good place to start. Discovery  is our Google-like research tool.  It is the main search box on our website.

Try a search something like this:

Use double quotes to preserve the word order in phrases, use the brackets to group your similar keywords and capitalize the OR to make sure you find one term OR the other. OR both.

Along the left side of the results page are a number of options that will help you refine your search.  Click in the article box under Format to find articles.  

Not sure if an article is academic (peer reviewed), trade or 'popular' (written for a mainstream reader)? Check here for guidance on what makes a journal peer reviewed.


Subject specific databases