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Google Scholar: Search

Connect to Google Scholar through RRU and get tips and tricks for improving your searches.

Enrich your searching with Lean Library

Our Lean Library Access browser extension pairs beautifully with browser searches. Get a pop-up notification whenever the book or article you're looking at is licensed through the RRU library; follow the pop-up and sign in for immediate access.

Search Google Scholar







 Go to the Google Scholar homepage


Google Scholar is useful, but Discovery just might be better! Take a look at the RRU Library's Discovery search tool to find books, ebooks and articles from most of the RRU Library research sources. 

Note: Google Scholar does not vet the journals it indexes.

Connect to RRU Library Resources via Google Scholar

Google works with the RRU Library determining the journals to which RRU has a subscription, and then linking to the full-text articles from those sources when they are available.

If you search Google Scholar using the box above, you will be asked to log in via the RRU Library, which will tell Google that you're a member of RRU. Google will then provide special links to the library's subscription resources in your search results as shown in this image:

Note that you can adjust the date range and also check for articles that are citing the work you are viewing.