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Google Scholar

Connect to Google Scholar through RRU and get tips and tricks for improving your searches.

See who's cited your favourite articles

Google Scholar's "Cited by" feature is a powerful tool to help you expand your search.

Use this tool once you've found a couple of articles or books that really meet your needs. Enter the name and author of that great article/book into Google Scholar to find the citation, then click on the "Cited by" link.

This will generate a new Scholar search results list containing all the articles and books that cited the article you already like! This is a great way to expand your search sideways from literature you already know is relevant.

Bonus tip: You can narrow your search within that new list of related material by clicking the "Search within citing articles" and adding new keywords.

Related articles

Clicking "Related articles", beside Cited by, will similarly yield a new list of relevant material. The articles shown are selected based on Google's relevancy algorithm.

Advanced search

Google Scholar offers a variety of advanced search features, including searching by title, author, or publication.

To access these features:

  1. Expand the hamburger menu at the top left of your search results screen
  2. Choose "Advanced search" 

For complete information see Advanced Scholar Search Tips.