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Research Software

Tools to assist with technical aspects of research data collection and analysis.


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  • Perform statistical analysis on quantitative data. The graphical user interface makes statistics analysis easier, including most complex models.
  • The software is available on identified computers in the RRU Library’s computer lab and in the LIC computer lab
  • RRU also has software licenses available for students. Access must be authorized by research project supervisors.
  • Student discounts are also available on your own copy, available here
  • SPSS tools - A collection of syntaxes, macros, scripts and hints for better solutions of data management and data analysis in SPSS
  • SPSS syntax introduction
  • More on syntax:
  • Video – SPSS in 15 minutes


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  • A powerful statistical-analysis and data-management system for complex data sets. It is especially strong in analysis of variance (ANOVA), the general linear model, and their extensions. Student packages available at reduced rates.
  • Training material from SAS
  • SAS Youtube channel -