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Publish your research

Information, suggestions, and resources for preparing your written work for publication, including information on open access publishing.

Why publish your work in a journal?

Considering all the papers, projects, posters, and other work that you'll be doing during your studies at RRU, why not share your best efforts with members of your field of study, the academic community, or other interested readers?

There are several reasons to share your research:

  • connect with researchers within the same research area(s)
  • engage as an active member in the ongoing conversations that are taking place in your field 
  • increase your profile amongst your community
  • find potential research collaborators or employer
  • build a reputation in your area
  • inform the general public about your research
  • discover the latest in your industry or research area
  • receive feedback from others – may lead to new directions/ideas

This guide provides information on publishing your work as an article in a scholarly journal and/or in alternative publishing formats. For information on publishing your thesis or dissertation, please refer to your program handbook. 

Academic publishing cycle


"Scholarly publication cycle" by Brianne Selman is licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.