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Open access scholarly resources

Guidance for alumni, prospective doctoral students, and anyone else looking to access scholarly material without a full academic library subscription.

Finding RRU theses and dissertations

Many RRU theses are held in our open-access institutional repository (VIURRSpace), in RRU's Student Research Collection

Certain types of capstone projects, including Organizational Management Projects (OMPs), are not published. Because of potential challenges under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and in order to maintain the confidentiality of information supplied to the Learner by their Clients, Organizational Management Projects and Organizational Leadership Projects are destroyed 3 months after their authors have convocated.

Finding research by RRU faculty

Many faculty research projects and papers are included in our institutional repository, VIURRSpace.

Showcase features interactive, audiovisual exhibits of research by RRU faculty.