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Open access scholarly resources

Guidance for alumni, prospective doctoral students, and anyone else looking to access scholarly material without a full academic library subscription.

Help! The thing I need isn't open access

Here are some other avenues you can explore for accessing information resources that require a subscription.

  • Public libraries – most have a suite of online databases that you can access from home once you are set up with an account. Many of these databases are the same or similar to some of the ones RRU provides access to.
  • Your employer – If you work for the government or a large employer, you may have access to research databases through that employer.
  • University databases – You can also almost always use most university databases on a walk-in basis. This can be useful if you're working on a special project and have a university or college near you. (If you're in Victoria, feel free to drop by and visit us!)
  • Contact research services – There are also paid-for research services, such as Infoaction (at VPL), which are affordable for a small business person or contractor. If you use one of those services, you can also write off the research as a business expense and have an expert researcher do the work for you.