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How to write a graduate-level essay

Step-by-step guidance and resources for planning, researching, and writing essays as a graduate student.

Prepare the final version

Blue plastic figure of a cartoon person holding the last piece of a jigsaw puzzleYou're at the last step before submitting your paper! You've gone through every step of the process, and if you compare your paper against your document plan, the paper should reflect every element contained within the plan. You should have made any major changes to the document in the revising stage, as well as fixed all the small errors in the editing stage. At this point, it's a matter of giving the document one more review before you hand in the paper.

Tip 1: Read the paper out loud at a speed that someone else could understand you. You will hear if there's a typo or error, even if your eyes are telling you that everything is correct.

Tip 2: This stage is your last opportunity to make sure that your paper truly reflects your knowledge and understanding, but resist the temptation to finesse the document beyond a reasonable amount of time. At some point, make the decision that the paper is done.

Image credit: Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay