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Editing and Revising Resources

Learn about self-editing strategies, how to work effectively with an academic editor, and tips for reviewing other people's writing

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Welcome to editing and revising resources

ThEditor marking up a text with a red penis guide focuses on tips for revising or editing draft work, whether that work is your own or you are peer-editing someone else's work. Since you may sometimes seek assistance as you edit and revise your own work as well, the first section also includes ethical and academic requirements and suggestions for requesting others' editorial assistance. Please see below for a brief description of the information in the following sections of this guide.

  1. Tips for you: Identify the differences between editing and revising and discover tools, resources, and checklists to assist with revising the structure of a draft and finding and correcting spelling, grammatical, and formatting errors in your writing. Finally, ensure that you are meeting ethical and academic requirements when requesting editorial support from qualified professionals.
  2. Tips for others: Familiarize yourself with RRU’s policies and procedures that pertain to assisting other students with assignments, as well as learn how to prioritize readability and logic when providing feedback on others’ work.
  3. Share your knowledge: Check your knowledge, explore editing and revising suggestions from other writers, and contribute your own tips.