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Practical instructions for installing and using Zotero citation manager.

Creating shared libraries

You can share libraries, including folders, resources, tags, and notes, with colleagues who also use Zotero. This is a great option for team-based research projects and coursework.

Step 1: Create a group and invite collaborators 

From your Zotero library, click the brown folder icon under the main navigation and choose "New Group...". This will take you to the "New group" page on (Alternatively, you can go to > Groups > New Group.)


You may be prompted to sign in. Make sure you use the username and password you created when you made your Zotero account. If you can't remember your username, find it in your Zotero library under Edit > Preferences > Sync.


Name your group and choose your group type (probably "Private Membership")


Click on "Member settings" and choose "Send More Invitations"


Add group members using their email addresses -- they will receive an email asking them to collaborate (make sure you give them a heads up that you're doing this!)

Step 2: Find your new group in your library

Once you've created a group, you'll want to double check that it's showed up correctly in your library.

In your Zotero desktop library, click the Refresh button (circular green arrow icon in top right corner).


You should now see your new Group folder under "Group Libraries" below your primary library in the left-hand column:

Step 3: Adding material to your shared library

There are two main ways to add items to your new group library. 

  1. Drag and drop files from your personal library into your group library (this will not remove the item from your personal collection)
  2. Add items directly to your group library using the Zotero Connector -- use the Connector as usual, making sure to select your group library from the "Saving to" dropdown menu.

All members can add items to the shared folder. Anything you add to your group library folders -- including PDFs and note files -- will be visible to anybody who is a member of that group.