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Anxiety about reading: Am I the only one who feels like this?

Learn more about techniques and tools to help you if you feel anxious about reading scholarly texts

Reading at a university level can be challenging

Reading is one of the necessary skills for academic success at any level, but it's also a skill that many people find challenging. Whether you're a student who hasn’t been in school for decades, a working professional who doesn't have previous university experience, or you're just overwhelmed with how much reading you have to do for your program, this resource is meant for you!
Reading is a focused activity that requires complete concentration, and without that focus, you may find you're re-reading the same passages over and over again without retaining the information.  Repeatedly re-reading text is a frustrating and inefficient use of your time, and that experience usually just continues the cycle of being distracted. 
While you're a student, you may find challenges related to reading will cause you to feel overwhelmed and upset. Those challenges can reduce your confidence or make you feel shame and anxiety.  Students express those feelings of self-doubt with questions such as, “what if this isn’t the right program for me?", "did I make a mistake?", and "I shouldn’t be having so many issues - what if I’m not good enough?”.  Attempting to do our best at anything outside our comfort zone is extremely difficult, even under ideal circumstances, and most students require support and encouragement at some point along the way in order to regain the confidence necessary for success. 
In this resource, Counselling & Learning Strategy Services, the Library, and the Writing Centre have collaborated to provide strategies and tools to help you read more effectively as well as teach you what to read and how to retain that information for greater success.  You will know which service to contact by the information listed on each page of this guide, and please don't hesitate to reach out as we would be pleased to assist you. 

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