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Thesis, major paper, and major project proposals

Learn more about the typical elements of a thesis, major paper, or major project proposal.

Other potential elements

Check your thesis, major research paper, or major project handbook for other requirements of the proposal, such as:

  • Descriptions of participants (e.g., who will be involved in the research other than you and your supervisor?)
  • Resource requirements (e.g., software, travel, or other project resources)
  • Ethical implications of the study
  • Dissemination strategies
  • Proposed outputs other than the thesis, major project, or major research paper
  • Contributions and applications (e.g., how will study be useful to stakeholders and your field of study?)
  • Conclusion and appendices (e.g., documents to be used with participants during study)

The project handbook will tell you if your proposal will be developed within a course, in which case there will be dedicated course content to assist you, or if you'll be developing it independently with supervision by your advisor. If the proposal is developed independently, the handbook will outline the timeline for submitting the proposal for approval. Finally, the handbook will identify the desired word count for the document.

This information was gathered from RRU thesis and major project handbooks, current in 2020, from programs in the Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences, the Faculty of Management, and the College of Interdisciplinary Studies. If the details here differ from the information provided in the handbook for your project, please follow the handbook's directions.

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Publish Your Research

  • RRU Library resource on transforming an academic work into a journal article or book

Research Ethics

  • In SAGE Research Methods: Project Planner; access via this link requires a RRU username and password.

RRU Office of Research: Student Research

RRU Research Ethics Policy

Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans

Image credit: Image by Mohamed Assan from Pixabay