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Passport (market information)

Practical instructions on using the database Passport.

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Passport GMID - Searching

Passport (from Euromonitor) contains market analysis reports, company profiles, forecasts and information on consumer lifestyles and market sizes.

All RRU Library databases are accessed via the 'Access the A-Z Library Database' link on our homepage. For Passport choose the letter "P" and then the link to the database name.

On the opening page, scroll down and click on the blue Accept button to accept the terms of use.

There are two ways to search Passport:

  1. keyword searching
  2. using the search menus

Both of these options are available from the top of the search screen



Depending on the search path you take, your options for narrowing down to a specific industry will look different. But no matter the path, once you have chosen your industry your next step is to narrow by geography.  Here is one example of how you can narrow by geography.

Notice that you have a choice of viewing either 'statistics' or 'analysis' in your results.