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Indigenous research guide

A starting point for finding resources within and outside RRU Library on Indigenous ways of knowing and being.

Researching within an Indigenous Paradigm - Shawn Wilson

"Wilson has published Research is Ceremony: Indigenous Research Methods that explores Indigenous ontology, epistemology, axiology and methodology" (Royal Roads University, 2019).

SAGE Research Methods

This database is an extensive collection of research methods books, articles, encyclopedia entries and handbook chapters. Find it in the Library Databases tab on the library homepage under "S". SAGE contains many resources to help 

To get started, type "indigenous" in the main search bar in SAGE. Since you are searching in a methodology-focused database, you do not need to include the words "methods" or "ethics"- these words will be included in the search results.

Browse the results to find a variety of resources including handbooks, encyclopedia entries, cases, videos and more.

You can also find:

  1. Definitions of concepts and methods using the Methods Map
    • Enter "Indigenous research" for a definition and links to content
    • These are common methods involved in research with Indigenous populations: epistemology, critical theory, narrative research, oral history research



2.  Explanations of how research methods are applied in real research projects, written by researchers, in Cases. On the main search page, type "Indigenous" into the search bar, then on the results page, use the filters on the right-hand side to select "Cases" from the Content Type filter. 

3. Short videos on conducting research, applying methods, and explanations of key terms.


SAGE. (2017, January 31). SAGE research methods overview [Video file]. Retrieved from

Use the Discovery advanced search feature!

One way to search for articles in which the authors have used a specific research methodology is to use the advanced search function to search for the method you want in the abstract.

Here is an example of how to do this using Discovery:

1. Select the advanced search option on the main RRU Library webpage.

2. In the first search box enter your main search strategy and in the second search box enter the research method. Change the menu option in the second box to Abstract.

3. Use the filter on the left to narrow down to peer reviewed articles

You will see in some of your results that Action Research is discussed in the article.


You can try a similar approach in any of these subject or publisher-specific databases:

Books in the RRU Library catalogue

The following list of books are a starting point for learning more about Indigenous research methods and methodologies.