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Copyright information for theses and dissertations publication

Navigate copyright requirements related to publishing your thesis or dissertation

When You Are Finished Your Thesis or Dissertation

Once you have defended your thesis or dissertation and made any necessary revisions, you will be ready to submit for publication.  The library staff who process theses and dissertations will send you an email invitation to publish.  This email will provide you with the information and link you will need to upload your work to ProQuest ETD.  

Note that you are legally obligated to ensure the use of any third-party material in you thesis, such as maps, figures, diagrams, and photographs, are copyright compliant.  Before you submit your thesis for publication you should obtain any necessary copyright permissions, as you will be asked to upload them as part of your submission.

Preparing for Publication

To facilitate the publication process, please prepare your thesis or dissertation by:

  • Making sure your thesis includes the title page, committee approval page and creative commons statement page.  You must follow the template which can be found on SharePoint.

  • Ensuring your manuscript is signature-free

  • Removing any personal phone numbers, personal email addresses, personal mailing addresses, or other contact information that appears in your manuscript

  • Adjusting your margins so that they are at least 1 inch. This includes your header. Your header should be at least one inch from the top of the page

Special characters: 

If you are planning to order print copies of your thesis or dissertation from ProQuest, please note that ProQuest cannot emboss certain special characters on the cover of the thesis/dissertation. If you have special characters in the title of your work, please contact to ensure that your title can be printed on the cover as written.

Publication Review

After you complete your submission, it will be reviewed for formatting issues that will need to be addressed prior to publication.  We will email you if there is any revision required.  Please note that we will not review APA style and copyright requirements.