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Concept mapping

Learn how to use concept maps for brainstorming, collaborating, teaching, and writing.

Online tools
Simple online brainstorming application that can be used for concept mapping.

Cmap Tools
Free concept mapping software.

Open-source and free.
Examples of mind and concept maps using FreeMind.

Google Docs
Create your concept map using Google Docs.

The basic version is free. Mobile options are available.

Mind mapping software that can be used for concept maps.
Free demo version. Mobile and desktop options available.

Simple brainstorming application that can be used for concept mapping.
Desktop,iPad and iPhone applications.

"Friction free online mind mapping"

Spicy Nodes
Use Spicy Nodes to create concept maps, charts and outlines. Check out some examples.

VUE (Visual Understanding Environment) is a concept and content mapping application from Tufts University.

Using CmapTools, VUE, and Mindmeister