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Altmetrics: Getting Started

What are Altmetrics?

altmetrics = alternative + metrics

Altmetrics is a way of measuring and assessing the use of scholarly and research material through considering the many ways that researchers share and discuss their work. Citations and the h-index are important, but people share stories in many ways and we are starting to count them.

shares, likes, downloads, views, retweets, comments, and more

Catch up on the discussion:

Priem, J., Piwowar, H. A., & Hemminger, B. M. (2012). Altmetrics in the wild: Using social media to explore scholarly impact. arXiv preprint arXiv:1203.4745.

Piwowar, H. (2013). Altmetrics: What, Why and Where? ASIS&T Bulletin.

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