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Hosting an online conference

Strategies and resources for going virtual with your next learning event, presented in collaboration with CTET.

Tips for engaging attendees

Conferences and other events are, in their own ways, learning experiences. Learning is a socially constructed experience. By creating opportunities for participants to feel socially connected and part of a community, we support their learning. 


Consider a social space or session for interactivitiy such as:


  • Breakout groups for discussion questions
  • Whiteboard doodles: Here is an example of a social space, using the Collaborate Ultra whiteboard tool for doodling.
  • Polls
  • Separate chat channel for informal discussions
  • Q&A periods 
  • Feedback walls using Padlet
  • Asking attendees to tweet or live-blog about the conference using hashtags
  • Informal "meetups" or virtual happy hour after the online event
  • Kahoot quizzes and games

Blackboard Inc. (2018 May 31). Breakout groups in Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra experience. [Video]. YouTube.