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Practical instructions for installing and using Mendeley citation manager.

Read this first!

For a variety of reasons, RRU Library is no longer supporting the Mendeley citation manager. We recommend and support Zotero instead.

The information in this guide is no longer being updated. If you are already using Mendeley, we hope the information here continues to be of assistance. However, if you are just beginning to think about using a citation manager, we encourage you to visit our Zotero Help Guide instead. That guide will walk you through the steps of downloading, installing, and using Zotero and provide further information on library support options. 

Trouble installing 'Mendeley Cite' plug-in?

If you received your copy of Office 365 through RRU and you are not able to install the 'Mendeley Cite' plug-in for Word, try this work around.

  • Use your RRU Microsoft account to install Office 365.
  • Use your personal Microsoft account - not affiliated with your RRU email address - to install the 'Mendeley Cite' plug in and to write your papers.

The following instructions are for users with PCs rather than Macs. If you are using a Mac and are not able to adapt these instructions for your needs, please get in touch. We would love to work on this with you.

To switch between Microsoft accounts within Word, click on your name in the top right corner.  You will see what Microsoft account you are currently using and you will have the opportunity to switch accounts.

If your personal Microsoft account is not listed, click  on 'Sign-in with a different account' to either log in or create a new account.


You may need to 'Sign out' of your RRU account at this point, rather than switch. If you switch, your choice may not 'stick'; you may be looped back into your RRU account.

Download and install the ‘Mendley Cite’ plug in for Word. You can do this in one of two ways:


If the plug in does not install. If you get stuck on this page in Word:

install Mendeley cite within Word


Open the 'Insert' ribbon in Word and go to your add-ins.

Select 'Mendeley Cite' from the list.

If you do not see the option for 'Mendeley Cite' something went wrong with the download. First, check to make sure you are using your personal Microsoft account. (That RRU account can be clingy!). If you are using your personal account, work through the process again and reach out to the library if you keep having trouble.