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Practical instructions for installing and using Mendeley citation manager.

Read this first!

For a variety of reasons, RRU Library is no longer supporting the Mendeley citation manager. We recommend and support Zotero instead.

The information in this guide is no longer being updated. If you are already using Mendeley, we hope the information here continues to be of assistance. However, if you are just beginning to think about using a citation manager, we encourage you to visit our Zotero Help Guide instead. That guide will walk you through the steps of downloading, installing, and using Zotero and provide further information on library support options. 

What is Mendeley?

What is Mendeley? Mendeley is a free reference manager that allows you to collect and organize your references as well as automatically create in-text citations and bibliographies in the citation style of your choice.

It also has a PDF viewer which allows you highlight and annotate your collected material within the software.

It also has a social network feature in which you can create groups, collaborate and share with colleagues as well as see what other researchers have collected on a topic.

Mendeley Logo

Where is my material saved? Mendeley stores your research material on your computer, but it also backs up your entire account 'in the cloud' which allows you to synch your Mendeley account acrosss more than one computer / tablet / phone.

Where do I get Mendeley? You can download Mendeley through the company's website at the following link: Mendeley Download.

Why should I use Mendeley? The program stores your references and it can also house your figures, and PDFs. It is Mendeley's integration with Word and Open Office that draws people in, though. You can insert in-text citations and generate bibliographies with just a few mouse clicks. The social network feature lets you interact with colleagues on research as well as see what other people in your field worldwide find interesting

What's the catch? No catch, except that there is a bit of a learning curve and the free version of Mendeley limits you to 2GB of storage space.

What you need

Mendeley Tutorials

There are lots of Mendeley tutorials on Youtube. Here is a video introduction to the service.