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Practical instructions for installing and using Mendeley citation manager.

Read this first!

For a variety of reasons, RRU Library is no longer supporting the Mendeley citation manager. We recommend and support Zotero instead.

The information in this guide is no longer being updated. If you are already using Mendeley, we hope the information here continues to be of assistance. However, if you are just beginning to think about using a citation manager, we encourage you to visit our Zotero Help Guide instead. That guide will walk you through the steps of downloading, installing, and using Zotero and provide further information on library support options. 

Creating groups

If you are working on a paper as a team, with each of responsible for different sections, you can create or join a group within Mendeley to store citations in a shared space. Only if each of your reference article and book citations from this shared group can Mendeley create a full reference list.

Search all of Mendeley - everyones' libraries

You can log in and search the Mendeley website as database as well.

Log in with your Mendeley username and password and then enter your search.

You can sort your results by relevance, recency, or times cited.

On the right side of your search results, you can see how many times a given article has been cited. The higher the number (when weighted against the publication date) the greater chance that this is a good article. Do not place much weight on the importance of this count, though - in part because it is not very reliable - but it can nonetheless be a helpful indicator of quality.