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Practical instructions for installing and using Mendeley citation manager.

Read this first!

For a variety of reasons, RRU Library is no longer supporting the Mendeley citation manager. We recommend and support Zotero instead.

The information in this guide is no longer being updated. If you are already using Mendeley, we hope the information here continues to be of assistance. However, if you are just beginning to think about using a citation manager, we encourage you to visit our Zotero Help Guide instead. That guide will walk you through the steps of downloading, installing, and using Zotero and provide further information on library support options. 

Cite while you write

You can insert citations from your Mendeley account directly into your paper as you write. When your paper is done, Mendeley can auto-generate a bibliography from all the citations you inserted using the Mendeley plug in.

To insert citations into your paper you must first have the the Microsoft Word plug-in installed. Make sure it is set to use the citation style you want to use.

When you are ready to insert a citation,click on 'Mendeley Cite' button under the 'Reference' menu in Word'.

You will be prompted to log into your Mendeley account.

On the right side of your Word document, you will then be presented with a search box to find your chosen citation within your Mendeley account. Type a keyword or two from the citation, such as the author's name or a word from the article title.

Check off the article title and click on 'Insert Citation' at the bottom of the screen.

If you would like to add a page number to your in-text citation, click on the author's name at this point. A text box will appear where you can type it in.

Your citation will be auto-inserted in the text.

Repeat this process throughout your paper for every citation you want to insert.

When you have finished your paper, and you want to generate the final reference list, place your cursor where you want to bibliography to appear. Click on 'More' in the upper right corner and then 'Insert Bibliography'.

The bibliography will be generated where you specified.

Just the bibliography - no paper

To make a bibliography without writing a paper - for example if you wanted to create a list of citations as a handout - you could:

  • use the process outlined in the 'Cite while you write' box on this page, but select all of your citations at once
  • insert the parenthetical citations
  • generate the reference list
  • delete the cluster of in-text citations at the top of your document

Switch from APA 6th edition to 7th edition

To change the format of your Mendeley bibliographies from APA 6th edition to 7th (or back again):

Start in your Mendeley Cite plug in for Word.

If you are not happy with the current citation style click on the 'select another style' link at the bottom of the sidebar.