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Instructor resources (Writing Centre)

Writing Centre resources specifically designed for RRU instructors

Instructional videos

These videos are all available online at any time for students to access, and as such, may be used as pre-residency instruction or as supplemental information. The videos take advantage of a flipped classroom model in that they provide equivalent or more information than what would be provided face-to-face but have the advantage that students can be directed to these recordings at any time so that individuals can choose the optimal timing for them to learn the information (e.g., morning/evening, all in one sitting versus in small chunks, or as is needed for a specific assignment). If the recordings are provided as a pre-residency activity, Writing Centre staff would be pleased to provide an in-person session (face-to-face or sychronously online) in order to meet new students, introduce themselves and the Writing Centre's services, and answer any questions.

The video will start automatically in browsers where autoplay of audio is enabled. If the video doesn't immediately begin, click the pause button and then click play. While the videos are playing, click "Outline" to navigate through the presentation or "Notes" to see the transcript.

Introduction to Academic Writing (37:11 video)

Writing an Academic Paragraph (19:35 video)

Introduction to APA Style (6th ed.) (32:24 video)

Introduction to APA Style (7th ed.) (28:19 video)