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Indigenous research methods and studies

A starting point for finding resources within and outside RRU Library on Indigenous research methods, paradigms, and methodologies.

Finding articles

Searching in library resources

Discovery is the main search box on our webpage. Use it to search across the majority of the RRU Library's collection to find articles, books, videos, media reports and more.

Google Scholar @ RRU is available from the 'Find' link on the library homepage as well as from the round 'Google Scholar' button below and to the right of the main search box on our homepage. The advantage to accessing Google Scholar through the library homepage is that you log in as an RRU student and are then given links (on the right of your results) to the articles from your results list that are held in our collection.

Starter search strategies for Discovery and Google Scholar @ RRU to find resources on Indigenous perspectives on research methods or your topic:

("first nations" OR aboriginal OR indigenous OR metis) AND "research method"  (replace "research method" with your chosen method, for example 'appreciative inquiry')

("first nations" OR aboriginal OR indigenous OR metis) AND your topic (replace "your topic" with keywords and synonyms for your topic concepts)

*Capitalize the OR search operator, AND search operator and use double quotes for phrases.
*Click here for a list of keywords to help you brainstorm keywords for your search (from Xwi7xwa Library, UBC).

Cited by search in Google Scholar

Indigenous researchers and authors often cite other Indigenous researchers. You can use Google Scholar to search the material that cited an article you know is authored by an indigenous author. To do this:

1. Open Google Scholar from the RRU Library homepage search the title you want to 'mine' for citations.

3.  Select, "cited by"

2. Check the box "Search within citing articles" and do a keyword search relevant to your topic.

3. Look for author biographies or authors that self-identify as Indigenous within articles.