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Get started with research

Learn how to use the library resources to get started with your research.

Tips and tricks

You can limit Google searches to particular files such as PDFs, PowerPoints, etc. This can be helpful when looking for reports, particularly by professional associations, organizations, and governments.

Type in Google your search terms + filetype:pdf. Example search: nanotechnology market filetype:pdf

You can also limit results to sites with specific domains, such as .org, .edu, .mil, or .gov.

Type in Google your search terms + Example search: nanotechnology market

When you search, you are searching the U.S. version of Google. If you know the top-level country code domain for other countries, you can search their version of Keep in mind that this will not necessarily change the language of the results you see, but will show you results Google thinks are more relevant to those in that country. This can be helpful when doing international research.

Example: Go to (Germany's version). Search for government privacy.

  1. Search for specific file types

  2. Search for specific domains

  3. Search for other country's versions of Google