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Critical Thinking Skills: Find Books & ebooks

Learn how to examine your sources and check for fake news or misleading facts.

Find books @RRU

 To find books, both in print and digital, on critical thinking begin with the Discovery search tool located on the RRU Library homepage.
To find books on one of the topics listed, enter the words using double quotes for phrase searching:
  • "Critical Thinking"
  • "Problem Solving"
  • "Decision Making"
  • Logic
  • Reasoning
  • "Thought and Thinking"
  • Intellect

Once on the results page of Discovery, select  Book under the format section in the left sidebar.

Critical Authors

Enter the search strategy besides each  author  in the Discovery search tool to find books in the library by this writer:

Edward De Bono:    Enter:     au:bono Edward de

Ralph Nader:           Enter:   au:Nader Ralph

Bertrand Russell   Enter:  au:Russell Bertrand


Select readings: