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Collaboration tools and strategies

Learn strategies and discover free tools to help you collaborate and write successfully with classmates.

Group work 101

Group work (or working in teams) is core to the RRU educational experience. There are plenty of tools available to assist your team. This guide, built collaboratively by the Library and Writing Centre, shares tools and tips for:

  • scheduling
  • meeting online
  • note taking
  • sharing documents
  • writing collaboratively

Browse the pages on the right for links and overviews to common and user-friendly tools to improve your collaborative experience.

Looking for more support? Teamwork is an RRU initiative that supports students and faculty to collaborate successfully. Visit their website for additional resources and guidance.

Keeping in touch

The first thing you may want to do is make sure you can easily communicate with your group.

WhatsApp is a messaging platform that can help with this. 

  • Create groups and stay in touch through chat
  • Primarily built for smart phones, but there is Mac and Windows computer client software as well